Public Restaurant & Lounge


Nickolett Beliveau


George Gregg and Danni Howell

head chef/ sous chef

Jill Bright


Kim Smith


Nickolett started with Public Restaurant & Lounge in 2008 as a waitress and prep cook. For 5 years she studied with the previous owners Jill Healy and Trish Adams learning everything there is to know about the business. In 2013 she purchased the restaurant. She remains as the head chef and operator. 

George has been at Public for 7 years. He began as dishwasher; however, his talent was quickly recogonized and he made his way from dishwasher to pizza maker/prepcook, and now to chef. His ribs are his speciality. Follow him on instagram @baba_ganoush297


Danni has been here since 2015, she also started as dishwasher and moved up to sous chef over a year ago. She's known for her attention to detail and singing in the kitchen.  

Jill started working at Pubilc in 2014 after managing another local restuaurant for many years. Her experience and knowledge of the business preceeds her. Her pesonality and vibrance is welcoming. Come and visit Jill Wednedays- Saturdays. 

As a local of Delaware county Kim is very knowledgeable of the surrounding area. Come and visit her Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays 

Public Family

The rest of the public family includes;  


Luann- waitress

Christian- pizza cook

Dylan- dishwasher

Brendan- dishwasher

And.....Annabelle Knapp Public Mascot


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